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Security Services

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Audit

What is Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)? CPTED is the design or redesign of a place such as parks, buildings (interior and exterior), parking lots etc with the overall goal of reducing the opportunity for crime or the fear of crime to occur. This is accomplished through natural, mechanical and procedural solutions.

A CPTED audit or assessment can be conducted on existing and proposed facilities. I will assess crime prevention options and propose recommendations and strategies that are fiscally responsible.

Security Management (Short and Long Term Projects)

A thorough review of existing security forces or proposed security forces will allow me to facilitate the creation of policies, procedures and standards resulting in an effective Security program tailored to your needs. Companies that do not employ a security manager can contact us during short or long projects for sound security advice that is based on best practices in the security industry.

There is a shift towards more highly trained personnel, providing a more diverse array of services for their employers. Are the right officers employed? Are they suitably trained? Is there standing operating procedures in place? Are they effective? Do you have enough officers for the tasks assigned? Proprietary versus contract officers, pros and cons. Are the Security Officers managed effectively?

Emergency Management

Drawing on my past experience in Emergency Preparedness, I will work with you to develop and implement an emergency management system or test your existing emergency management plan.

Workplace Violence and Harassment Audits

We will meet with the client to explore current company policies surrounding violence and harassment in the workplace. We will provide strategic solutions to improve the workplace environment and develop procedures to help identify and handle situations of domestic violence that are being experienced by workers.

Cottage and Home Security Checks

Live in another country or province, can’t get to the vacation property or that second home? Or you worry that the storm caused damage to your vacation property or second home? Contact us to conduct security checks of your property to give you that piece of mind. All checks will be documented with time of arrival / departure and observations. Any signs of forced entry or damage will be reported immediately while on scene. If so desired, each site visit can digitally documented and emailed